Exhibition Display Stand Facts & Tips

Display appearance is everything
Your stand is your chance at a first impression and also represents you to clients and potential clients. Vital if you are an online business or visiting a new market or territory.  Make sure that your stand is consistent with your brand and any other marketing material to ensure consistency across your marketing activity.  Remember its all about image and how you want to project yourself.

Remember, size isn’t everything
Exhibiting is about what you’ve got, not huge stands or budgets. There’s no point taking a huge display stand space if you don’t have anything to fill it just because your competitor has. Smaller stands can work just as well as those that take up a whole block of display space if you use it well and it still represents your business.

Practice makes perfect
Try going through a dry run of your exhibition stand before the show to get an idea of how you will run it, how it will look and what your sales routine will be.  This will save time and give you a feel for the space you will occupy. You’ll soon see what works, what doesn’t and what will need tweaking.

Give a clear brief
Create a clear, concise brief for your stand-builders, signage companies and equipment hire firms. Be prepared to work with them and answer any questions they may have. Your vision may be perfectly clear in your head but if you don’t/can’t communicate it accurately things could go awry.

Think outside the box
Consider everything from lighting, sound, electronic presentations, posters and signage. Walk the route that your visitors will take to get the experience that you want them to have. If there is a set path to follow how can you encourage this? Make sure it’s an experiential process that they will go through and think about what you want your visitors to do.  Does your layout encourage this?

Don’t blow your budget
Exhibiting at a trade show is not always about spending the whole budget. If you can utilise items that you already have and if you are going to spend money think about possible future use rather than a one-off investment that you’ll never use again.

Don’t give it all away
A lot of money is spent on promo gifts that don’t relate to the brand. These often end up forgotten, thrown away or ignored. If you’re going to give corporate gifts away choose something relevant, useful and/or memorable.

Location, location, location Make sure you get the best possible location within your budget and in the exhibition space. Next to the catering stand where they could be big queues might be ideal as people wait for their coffees and are stood next to your stand with nowhere to go.  At the back of the hall and you’re last on their visiting route could mean you just get tired, fed up people wanting to go home!  Next to your biggest competitor could the best or worst place to be.

Pick the right people
Pick the right staff to work on your stand and if you can, know what type of people your customers/visitors are going to be.  Product knowledge is also essential so make sure anyone working on your stand is as clued up on your products or services as they can possibly be. One tactic is to use the “hook” candidate (someone who attracts people to the stand), or the “spotter” (who approaches people and brings them onto the exhibition stand).

Advertise, promote and tell everyone
Once you’ve created your stand, tell as many people as possible that you’re going to be at the show. This can be existing customers and it can serve as an opportunity to meet up or new prospects to turn into customers.  Look at issuing invitations – digital and paper based to make everyone aware as to where you’ll be.  You can base a whole marketing campaign around pushing people to your stand and what you’ll do when they get there. Join the event organisers’ marketing of the event and piggyback wherever possible to align yourself with the show.

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