3 Exhibition Trends Focused on Visitor Experience

With more companies returning to exhibition marketing to acquire customers or increase their brand reach we wanted to share 3 exhibition trends focused on visitor experience we have embraced for our clients.

Exhibition Comfort

When T2 works with clients we always consider the comfort of the sales staff working long hours manning the stand, making sure where possible staff have break areas and kitchen facilities built into the exhibition stand design, and we were one of the first companies to switch to LED lighting to lower the heat levels for staff working the stand.

In 2019 and beyond we have worked closely to implement visitor comfort elements, consider the average prospect and indeed your existing clients may have spent a day or more walking around visiting stands, if you have a lounge or even a comfortable seating area for them to rest for a while they are likely to spend more time with you, and remember the hospitality you provided.

It’s still important to create a great first impression with your stand design, however considering important and sometimes overlooked factors like visitor comfort can deliver a lasting impression too.


Virtual Reality

VR for exhibition standsVR creates an experience like no other, whether that be to demonstrate your products in a virtual space or just to attract visitors to an exhibition stand, and statistically speaking 53% of consumers are more likely to buy products from a brand that uses virtual reality than one that does not use VR, in the future we expect that this to include bespoke Augmented Reality for exhibitors too.

So if you have already invested in VR to demonstrate or even test products then it’s worth considering adding to the development and taking this on the road.

For some companies this may not be an option, but you could consider a VR solution designed to attract visitors, in this case, there are VR companies with a corporate VR entertainment offering or virtual reality experience services. VR for shows can easily be integrated into stands and better still make the attraction a competition to make sure the visitor returns.

Interactive Displays

 interactive displays for exhibitionsDisplay screens can deliver huge benefits when exhibiting, with the right stand and marketing there will be a time when all your sales staff are busy with prospects, and effective exhibition video (external link required) can keep the attention of visitors waiting to discuss your product or services.

Taking that to another level you can maximise visitor retention and even generated leads using interactive exhibition displays, giving visitors the option to learn more about brands, view detailed information about your products, and even submit contact information for follow up actions.

In our experience, there are 3 additional major benefits,

  1. The simple fact is that some people want to browse, but not talk, these visitors have an opportunity to get everything they need and could later convert into customers.
  2. Interactive displays can support your sales staff, providing detailed product information, especially for that last-minute agency stand-in who does not know the products inside out.
  3. Displays can show elements you simply can’t on a stand, things like the environment your products are created in, consider customer video testimonials, or future products in development.

91% of exhibition attendees say that visiting an exhibition impacts their buying decisions, introducing carefully considered visitor experience elements in your design can only further a positive result.

At T2 Display we can help you explore options that deliver exactly what your staff need and how to make your visitors experience memorable.  We also know it’s probably one of the biggest dates in your calendar and we’ll be with you every step of the way, starting at the design phase before our highly skilled carpenters, electricians and fabricators get on with the build phase before we install your exhibition stand at the venue.

Get in touch with us now to see how we can work with you to make your next exhibition a success or take a look at more exhibition tips here 

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