3 ways to attract attention to your Exhibition Stand

If you want better results at exhibitions with your company stand then here are 3 ways to attract attention to your Exhibition Stand, you need to maximise visitors to your company at trade shows and ensure your exhibition stand provides ROI (return on investment).

With the right support and guidance exhibiting your company is an effective way to generate business leads, grow your business, increase brand awareness, and often meet up with your existing clients. Gaining new leads is usually the primary goal when you venture into trade exhibitions, visually capturing their attention is critical and you only have a few seconds as someone walks past to do just that.

Let’s look at a few options.

Pre-Exhibition Marketing

effective exhibition standsThis is a proactive approach to ensure you have a good flow of visitors, busy stands always attract attention, this trade show approach can work for existing clients as well as the new prospects you want to visit your sales team.

Direct mail can be extremely effective if you know the name and address of prospects, buyers and decision-makers, prepare a mailing that stands out, it doesn’t have to be complex or hugely costly, we recently saw a client sending out mail with a chocolate bar, a preview brochure and an invitation to join them to try a new range and enjoy a free coffee on the stand, simple but effective.

Use your social media channels to broadcast what visitors can see on your stand, make your offering enticing with well-optimised images or video (video posts perform far better) and consider paid advertising to reach your target audience.

Call your clients, firstly it’s a fantastic reason to call that isn’t sales related (yet), and secondly they might be heading the exhibition and this is your opportunity to make sure they know exactly where to find you without looking through the extensive directory, you have probably saved them time and possibly put your company to the top of the visit list.

Got a prize to giveaway, share your exhibition giveaway information in your pre-event marketing, give your prospects another reason to make sure they find you. Offer something for everyone as well as bigger prize-based giveaways, consider food and drinks, always useful to your visitors and a great way to connect, below are a few popular and effective promotional items to consider.

  • Reusable water bottles or branded travel mugs
  • USB sticks, yes they are back, drop your sales materials on them
  • Phone charging cables (with your branding of course)
  • Reusable drinking straws
  • Phone charging pads, they are the new power banks
  • Of course if possible a few product samples to take away

Good exhibition stand companies will work with you to display promotional items in an enticing ways

Add a little WOW factor to your standbest exhibition stand designer

No matter what the location of your stand you still need to add a little WOW factor to visually entice visitors to your company stand, here are a few exhibition design considerations to start.

Choose a bespoke exhibition stand, a bespoke stand will enable you to add unique elements, from effective lighting to the position of product video screens, which are great for keeping visitors engaged while your sales team are all busy.

Wow does not have to be costly, it can be achieved successfully with smaller changes such as the innovative use of exhibition graphics or lighting your headline product differently. If you have a giveaway consider making your giveaway something that can be presented on the stand, if that’s not possible consider graphics in a large format on a feature wall, or the exterior walls of the stand. Consider elements that will stand out like backlit signage or create use of neon signs to attract attention.

Aerial or hanging structures can do wonders, when possible having your brand or product imagery or signage floating above an exhibition stand is a great way to make your brand more prominent, this works equally well for those who are actively seeking out your stand and those who are browsing for potential suppliers.

Consider having video screens on the outside of your stand, we have worked with several companies to make these large-format exhibition screens interactive too, serving many purposes from pre-selling your product to that all-important purpose of attracting visitors to the stand.

When you work closely with an experienced exhibition stand designer you’ll be able to uncover innovative ways to design an effective exhibition stand to help you stand out

Exhibition flooring is an opportunity to stand out


It’s probably not the first thing you think about while considering your exhibition stand design brief, in fact it’s sometimes the last but the flooring you choose, or more importantly what you can do with the floor area can make your stand a more effective exhibition stand.

Just like the walls of your stand there are options to have custom exhibition flooring with everything from brand colours to product images printed directly into the pattern, you can impact the flow of traffic through your stand by using graphics to guide visitors along your chosen path, maybe ending with a helpful chat with your sales team.

Underfloor lighting is another option to make bespoke exhibition stands look inviting or intriguing, there are a number of ways to deploy this effect from simple LED lit flooring to video flooring for your stand, the latter has higher costs associated but the impact would certainly attract attention. We have seen some incredible ways this has been deployed from brand colours alternating to pressure-controlled lights that react when prospects first step through your stand.

Stand projectors are another way to deliver messages, guide people into your stand and create a memorable experience for your visitors. We have deployed protector technology on multiple surfaces in exhibition stands and one of the ways you can maximise the space is to consider parts of the floor where fewer shadows are cast, projecting down from the edges of your stand can provide visitors with something interesting to make them want to know more. Another interesting example requires a little pre trade show research to find out what the walkway flooring at the exhibition will be, the colour, and material (i.e. red carpet, grey vinyl etc). When you have this information, you might be able to project near the edges on the exterior of your stand, consider the effect of your logo moving around the stand and animated arrows directing valuable exhibition traffic into your stand (take a look at these interactive floor examples for ideas). You need to make sure this is possible by discussing permissions needed before embarking on your design, but it’s yet another way to attract more people to your stand so worth the extra effort required.

At T2 Display we can help you make your exhibition stand attract more attention, use innovative approaches that are based on experience. We also know that a trade show can be one of the biggest dates in your calendar and we’ll be with you every step of the way from the design process to making sure your stand is built perfectly exactly when you need it.

Get in touch with us now to see how we can work with you to make your next exhibition a success or take a look at more exhibition tips here

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