Bring Your Exhibition Stand To Life

Let’s explore some interactive ideas to bring your exhibition stand to life and the benefits of enhancing your exhibition stand. You’ve probably seen it so many times before. An exhibition hall filled with display stands at your trade show or expo that all look very similar. The staff are trying to entice visitors onto their stand, the promotional gifts are flying out and it’s a very competitive environment to get the attention of all of the delegates.

There are some alternative ways though to make your exhibition stand leap out from the rest. With some creative thinking and some forward planning at the design stage for your exhibition stand, you can bring your stand to life and ensure that it becomes a magnet for delegates.

Exhibition Stand Experience

exhibition stand ideas

One such tip is to create a fully immersive experience on your exhibition stand.  So, what does this mean?  It can come in many different ways depending on who your audience is, what messages you want to convey and how you want to your visitors to leave your stand.  You can create a ‘mini world’ of your business and your brand so that visitors really feel that they are part of your business and this should mean that they stay longer than usual.  If you’re a retailer then you could recreate your shop environment or if you’re an online business you can foster an imagination of your business.  Thinking outside the box, we’ve seen an Escape Room created on an exhibition stand.  This wasn’t necessarily about trapping the visitors so they couldn’t leave but more about creating an activity that is not only fun an interesting but also directing the visitors towards all things to do with your business.

Other ideas might be using technology to enhance products and services – we’ve seen virtual reality headsets used to really good effect and games and challenges with a technology twist work well too.


Exhibition Design Ideas

exhibition stand designerRight at the beginning of the planning stage is also a good place to start. The standard shape is of a display stand is square or rectangle which often limits the style that the stand can be. You can however break the mould on this (within reason and dependent on the floor space that you have to work with) by talking through ideas with your design company. We will sit down with our clients and look at design ideas based on your aims and objectives from the exhibition. Once we know what you are trying to achieve, we can present ideas and approaches that have worked with other clients. A bespoke exhibition design could transform your appearance to delegates and it could see an intriguing offering being developed. We’ve seen anything from recreating a sitting room complete with fireplace and sofa, a football stadium including a penalty shootout or even a full cinematic experience. Whatever your aims and objectives, you can be sure that there is a unique and bespoke way that we can get that across.

It’s also worth looking at what’s happening at the time of the expo or where it is located. This can really help to create a buzz around your stand, if you can hit the right note. The most obvious ones are things like tying into a World Cup or Olympics that may be taking place at the time and having themes or activities that link to these. Alternatively, look at the venue location and see how that can give inspiration. For example, if you’re exhibiting at the Birmingham NEC then a Peaky Blinders themed activity may work well or if you’re in Cardiff then a rugby based game might hit the spot. It could be a great way to tap into local knowledge and create a buzz around your stand.

There are plenty of other ways to make your display stand an interactive and memorable experience whether it’s through gifts and giveaways that go beyond the usual pen or stress ball, inventive lighting and decoration or something else.

When you work closely with established exhibition stand designers you’ll be able to uncover innovative ways to design an effective exhibition stand to help you stand out, contact T2 Display to find out the options that are available to you.

Let’s Work Together

Send us a few details and one of our project managers will contact you to discuss your project requirements, goals, and we are always happy to sign non-disclosure agreements if needed.

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